Virtual and hybrid AGMs: A guide for charities

Of interest to all involved in the governance of charities

This guidance aims to provide a practical ‘how to’ guide for charities approaching their first virtual or hybrid annual general meeting (AGM) as a consequence of the pandemic and resulting social distancing measures. This guidance will primarily address charities structured as charitable companies limited by guarantee (CLGs) and charitable incorporated organisations (CIOs). The guidance refers to the flexibilities provided by the recent Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 20201 (CIGA) and draws on the experience of organisations that have already held virtual or hybrid AGMs.

In this guidance a virtual meeting means a meeting where none of the participants are physically in the same place for the meeting but are in communication with each other by video conferencing; a hybrid meeting means a meeting where some but not all of the participants are physically present in the same place but all are in communication by video conferencing.

This document includes:

  • Obligation to hold an AGM
  • The business of an AGM
  • AGM planning
  • What happens if a charity has given notice of a physical AGM, but local lockdown restrictions later prevent that meeting from occurring?
  • Choosing the right format – virtual vs. hybrid
  • Voting arrangements
  • Questions from the floor
  • Minutes and recording of votes and decisions
  • Recording of meetings and GDPR
  • Other considerations
  • Outside CIGA - Changing the governing document

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