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What impact would it make if your team spent less time firefighting risk, regulatory and compliance issues? We are here to help you mitigate the effects of risk by providing you with the training and resources you need to identify and plan for potential issues, as well as keeping you informed on the latest developments.

Need help understanding the impact of risk and how to avoid it?

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Boardroom Bellwether

FTSE 350 Boardroom Bellwether survey results and download

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Governance and compliance frameworks

Governance and compliance frameworks are a necessary component of effective risk management

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The summer of discontent

The summer of discontent - Sustained strike action highlights the damage industrial disputes can cause and erodes public confidence in the corporate world

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Risk Management e-learning

Risk Management E-learning

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Is there an elephant in the boardroom?

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Building Board Effectiveness for Health and Safety

  • Understand risk oversight, audit and assurance, and how boards should be approaching it
  • Support and develop board effectiveness on health, safety and wellbeing
  • Explore challenging questions that board members should ask
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Document Retention: Getting it Right

  • Learn how to balance business needs with regulatory obligation
  • Understand why document retention regulations are so important and the consequences of getting it wrong
  • Develop an effective document retention policy for both physical and electronic data
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Essential Corporate Governance

  • Look at key themes in Governance, including risk management
  • Learn why liability and accountability are so important and what they mean in today’s world
  • Understand why boards must engage with issues around diversity, transparency and succession planning
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Governance in Unlisted and Private Companies

  • Improve performance and reduce risk by understanding oversight issues and stewardship
  • Explore the governance challenges in your organization and build solutions to your problems
  • Use governance as tool for value creation, not just compliance
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Non-Executive Directors' Programme

  • Understand your role in risk management and audit committees, including key tasks of the board, liability and insurance
  • Learn the important aspects of formulating a remuneration policy; legal constraints and best practice issues
  • Apply the application of these principles to practical examples
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Risk Management E-learning

  • Take the risk management module as a stand-alone certificate or as part of the Qualifying Programme
  • Develop and extend your understanding of the discipline of risk management
  • Explore the people, processes and techniques needed to ensure the effective assessment, monitoring and control of risk at all levels of an organization
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