Addressing AIs Future Role in the Boardroom

The impact on the company secretary and the board


This webinar took place on 14 September 2023, where the experts from Onboard and Independent Audit discussed: 

  • How boards and directors can evaluate the risks and benefits of AI, including data and cybersecurity concerns
  • Best practices for new technology adoption, including readiness, integration planning, training and adoption, and monitoring 
  • Strategic use cases for AI in the boardroom and the organisations they serve, including time-saving automation, benefits of large language model (LLM) computing, and other novel use cases


Paroon Chada, CEO – OnBoard

Paroon Chadha co-founded OnBoard in 2003 and continues to lead its business strategy as CEO. He serves on Boards at Passageways, Big Brother Big Sister of Greater Lafayette, Indiana University Simon Cancer Center, and TechPoint. He was a founding member of Youwecan.org, and is an angel investor in several technology companies.

Susan Stenson, CEO – Independent Audit

Susan Stenson is CEO at Independent Audit. Her work with boards is informed by three significant strands of experience: As Head of Strategy at a financial markets infrastructure provider, as a Group Company Secretary, and as a solicitor specializing in corporate law. She enjoys helping boards find realistic governance solutions that enable them to work more efficiently and effectively.

Martyn Chapman, Chief Product Officer; OnBoard

Martyn Chapman is OnBoard’s Chief Product Officer, overseeing the development of the OnBoard and eScribe platforms. He started his career at the Chartered Governance Institute, working for more than a decade on governance policy, corporate social responsibility, board effectiveness, and the inner workings of governance operations. Throughout his career he has worked as an advisor for board chairs and general counsels, working with 100+ boards to provide advice on board dynamics and effectiveness.


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