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I am strongly keen to pursue ICSA. I have following queries:

  1. Total fee to study under ICSI MOU
  2. Job prospects for Indian members in the UK
  1.  Fee to register as a student is £857 - which includes your initial registration fee, the 2020/21 annual subscription fee and exemption from four modules. Exam entry fee is £160 per module - study textbooks and tuition is charged separately.
  2. Job prospects within the UK are subject to you being able to obtain the relevant work permits and permission to stay. The Institute as the governing body for the qualification is unable to assist with visa applications.

May I know about training requirements for ICSI members?

I can confirm that members of the ICSI can register on the programme on a specific route and qualify for certain exemptions. You can find further information here.

Will Brexit have any effect?

The qualifications are based on UK company law, codes and regulations, so the changes to study are not extensive. There may be changes to legislation over the coming years, which we will deal with in the usual cycle of review and update.

This may be covered in the presentation. I am a qualified Solicitor working in Governance and am also a Company Secretary. I am interested in obtaining this qualification but I am unsure which modules I would need to study as it seems that I may be exempt from some modules.

Yes, practising lawyers and accountants do qualify for exemptions. Please find full details on entry routes here.

Hi from Sweden. I am ACIS/ACS Singapore with over five years of experience working as chartered secretary. Due to personal reasons last year July, I moved to Sweden and finding it's hard to get a job there. They doesn't have such qualification there. May I ask to shade some light what to do and from where I can start my career in Europe. Thanks.

It is difficult to provide a general response to this question without discussing your situation with you - we are happy to talk to you if you'd like to contact us directly at

Law degrees from which jurisdictions are recognised for an exemption from the company law module? (Law degree route)

We accept Law degrees from all over the globe, and we just carry out checks on the institution. We just need to receive proof of certification, which you are asked to provide in the registration process.

I am in my 30s and have some compliance experience and have several law degrees. l am currently looking at future career opportunities due to COVID-19. Can I do the governance course despite not being employed in a compliance or company administrative position?

Yes you can and as you are currently not working in the area we would strongly recommend you take tuition when you start the programme.

Hello Team, is it a compulsory for a student to enrol for private tutor or to enrol with Campbell college or any other education institution?

It is not compulsory for you to register with a tutor but it is recommended, especially on subjects that you are unfamiliar with.

Is it possible to re-active my membership and when I log in I can see my past results?

Re-election is a route back to membership for all past members. Please send us an email to in order to deal with your query.

My situation is similar to the first question and understand that the fast track professional qualification route could be possible. What assistance would the institute provide in providing the detailed CV; i.e. do you provide guidance on the type and level of information required? Would you reject an application in the first instance if it didn't contain the level of information that you wanted.

You CV needs to detail your current and previous roles and responsibilities, to enable to team to assess if you have covered the relevant areas. Ideally you should be working within the company secretarial and/or governance arena.

I passed the advanced certificate in corporate governance in February this year, does this mean I can enter the programme and skip the first module?

It will grant you an exemption from the Corporate Governance module but we will need to check your qualifications and experience to see if you still need to do the Foundation Programme or if you can go straight to Part One of the Qualifying Programme.

This may be covered, but is there a list of types of professional experience that apply toward the qualification and being exempt from the Foundation Programme? What is encompassed by 'governance related role?

For full details of what qualifies you to bypass the Foundation Programme, please see here.

For overseas students, will the examinations in June/November 2021 take place online?

Yes, we are moving to an online platform.

What is the scope of job for Indians in foreign country after pursuing the course?

Job prospects within the UK are subject to you being able to obtain the relevant work permits and permission to stay. The Institute as the governing body for the qualification is unable to assist with visa applications.

I'm a recent law graduate and interested in learning more about the career of a company secretary. Obviously there will be variation between different companies. In general, how does the work life balance of a company secretary job compare to that of a solicitor in a large commercial firm?

A large part of our Membership is in the age range 30 - 50 and people have families and other commitments. Anecdotally, our Members have busy jobs and sometimes have to work long hours to cover requirements at certain times of the year, but they do have family life and are able to keep other commitments outside of work.

May I kick start my career in UK by taking role like company secretary intern/company secretary assistant followed by pursuing The Chartered Governance Institute?

Yes, having on your CV that you are currently studying the Chartered Governance Institute Qualifying Programme will stand you in good stead.

Can we get the material for free? Why there is such a hefty charge for the study material?

Our fees are split into different parts to reflect that different students move through at a different pace, so examinations, texts and membership subscription are all paid separately rather than as a lump sum.

If I start at Part One and study with tuition one evening per week part time, how long will it take to qualify?

It's completely up to the student how many exams you decide to take that year. If you take Part One route, average 3 exams per year, that would take anywhere from 3-4 years.

Studying of Company Law, will Brexit have an effect?

The module is based on the UK Companies Act, so this would not change very significantly.

Hello I am a qualified company secretary in Nigeria ICSAN how to I then become qualified as a company secretary in UK with The Chartered Governance Institute?

Please email us at

We will be able to discuss the MOU between us and ICSAN, where if you are a graduate or associate, you will be able to transfer to us.

Can professionals from another country take the Foundation Programme? I have a law degree and a Legal Law Master in Corporate Law (international degree) and I have been a Company Secretary since 2012, but I am from Brazil, my law degree is from Brazil. Last year I went to The Chartered Governance Institute Annual Conference and bought 3 books, including Certificate in Corporate Governance. It was very important for my career, Thanks.

You would qualify on the law degree route regardless of where your degree is from/ We just need to see a translated transcript.

Thanks. Can a copy of the presentation be made available afterwards?

A copy of the presentation will be available shortly.

How much time it will take for ICSI member to having the membership of The Chartered Governance Institute?

You are required to complete 3 examinations. So anywhere from 1-2 years.

Hi, I would like to qualify as a company secretary - but I would like to concentrate on charity aspects of the field. What programmes would you recommend? Besides the Qualifying Programme I was looking at Certificate in Charity Law and Governance. I have a Master Degree in Law from Czech Republic - if I understood correctly that would mean that I would only be able to skip the Foundation Programme? Thank you.

If you were to apply for the Qualifying Programme, you would qualify for the law degree route and would start at Part One, exempt from Company Law. The Certificate in Charity Law and Governance has more specific charity content, but is separate to the Qualifying Programme. It can lead to Affiliated membership but not Chartered membership.

I'd need to start with the Foundation Programme; how long does it typically take and how much does it cost?

It can take up to four years from foundation and we always say to budget around 2,000 pounds.

How will I get previous term question paper?

Once you register, you will have access to past papers through the MyCG area of the website, as demonstrated on the session.

The Corporate Governance book available in the bookstore is showing published July 2019. should we buy that?

Yes if you are going to sit the exam at the November 2020 session. There will be a revised edition out for the June 2021 exam session.

Hi! My name is Mirela and I live in Ireland. I have an experience of nine years as a executive assistant in a law company (Romania). I have a PR diploma ( college) and I would like to know what studies would help me to develop my knowledge and advance in my carer. Thank you!

As we discussed on the session, this would give you a varied and very open choice of career paths, and there are a lot of opportunities for our students and members in Ireland.

I work in education governance, I have a Masters in Education, and have been working in education governance for four years about to end year five. I am in a Head of Governor Support role with 32 schools. What level would be the most appropriate? I am assuming foundation as no law degree but wondering if that is appropriate

It sounds like you would enter at Part One of the programme, because you have a degree and five years of relevant experience.

Is there an Institute Kenya Branch? What is their official contacts?

The Kenya branch is no longer active - however you can join our Uganda Branch for support and guidance. Their details are

Since its first time online exam will the question and answer format will be as exhibited by Jones?

The exam format for the first section of the paper will be a set of 5 questions each for 5 marks. The questions will be the same style as you saw, but they will be on an online platform rather than a printed paper.

I work as a governance manager in a multi-academy trust - would this be a relevant qualification in this setting?

Hi, yes absolutely. Or alternatively, see our academy qualification here

Exactly! The amount for people outside UK is hefty to buy a book! Request you to please consider! It should be provided free with registration!

Assuming this is referring to the study material, we take that on board and it could change in the future. As it is, the level of the annual subscription reflects the fact that the study material is not included.

I don't have a law degree but do have a GDL, does that exempt me from the foundation course?

Please submit a copy of you qualification and your CV for assessment by the team.

Also as a suggestion can you give the mock test for online exam before exam registration process begins so that students can understand the process of the same and then take decision of the same

You can see examples of examination papers online - go to the relevant qualification and look for the 'Discovery pack'.

Are online exams handwritten or they need you to type them?

All online exams are done on a computer or laptop and the answers must be typed into the relevant answer box.

Who do I email/where do I get more information, please?

Can I get this PowerPoint in my registered email ID?

We are going to email you the content, yes.

Has the examination timetable for November 2020 exam been published? If yes, please share the link.

The examinations will run from 17 to 27 November - registered students can see the timetable on MyCG.

Does the Foundation Programme have intake dates each year or do you enrol and just sit the exam when ready?

You can register as a student throughout the year and enter to sit the exams when you are ready. Exams take place in June and November of each year.

To complete part ones and two how many months/years of study time is required?

Overall, we would say 3-6 years but it depends on how many exemptions, how many exams you take and whether you pass first time.

Are you planning to update the current study materials?

These are reviewed every year and many of the subjects, like 'Company Compliance and Administration' are revised in a new edition each year.

I have a BA Hons Business Administration (modules in finance and law) and the CFA UK Investment Management Certificate - would I be able to be exempt from the Foundation Programme?

Yes, you would probably start at Part One but we may ask if you have relevant experience in order to decide.

Hello, I have a BSc in Economic and am a Chartered Tax Advisor. Would I have to the foundation course?

Based on that you would need to start at foundation. You could start at Part One if you have 5 years work experience in a governance related role (coupled with your degree - as it is considered 'unrelated')

Hi, with regards to the online test, is it hand written or typed be candidates?

The online exams are typed using either a computer or a laptop.

I have been a lawyer for nine years and been working as company secretary for approximately six to seven years. Can I apply to start at the Associate (ACG) Level and what modules come with that level?

You can only apply for Associate grade once you are a Graduate (completed the whole programme). Your route of entry sounds like could be Fast Track or Law Professional

I have a BA and am an Executive Assistant in a financial firm and I do a bit of the cmpany secretary role. Where would I start?

Depending on the extent of your coompany secretarial experience, you could potentially start at Part One

I hold a law degree from Kenya and I am currently practicing corporate Governance Audit. Do I qualify for the program and where do I register? Do you have physical exams in Kenya or is the exam online?

You could enter on the law degree route, and yes we now are processing exams online

Which subjects need to get through?

View here for more information.

I have a law degree, a Master in International Business Law and an MSc in Business with Finance modules. At what level do I start from?

You could enter on law degree route

I have a non related first class BA Hon degree, have worked as a Company Secretary for 11 years in a multi academy trust and four of those years at senior level on the Executive. I have passed the module in Academy Governance with The Chartered Governance Institute. Should I continue to study through this route or is there another qualification for Academy Governance?

Based on your information, you would qualify for Part One entry route

I am a qualified Solicitor with many years experience and some experience gained at the beginning of my solicitor training route. I am considering a career change, what advise could you please give on the most appropriate or possible entry route to apply for and secondly is it possible to revive a previous student membership?

You could potentially qualify for Fast Track. If not, law professional or law degree entry. All depending on nature of experience and professional membership

Are there scholarships or sources of alternative funding?

There are no scholarships we are aware of, but many employers support their trainees who are studying the programme.

Would I still need to start at Foundation level if the Academy Governance module is obtained? I am at the early stages in my career in Governance in a multi academy trust so have very little experience in Governance, my experience lies at Post Grad level in Education

Yes you would need to start at Foundation. The Academy governance certificate is set at a lower level than the Qualifying Programme.

What is the pass rate for each module? I hear it is very low...

That's not really the case. Pass rates are generally over 50%.

Can you send me the link to these entry options?

See here for more details.

I am near to finish my PhD in Corporate Governance. Which route is suitable for me to get Chartered status?

You will need to send in a copy of your qualifications for assessment of any exemptions.

Fast track, law professional and law degree entry

See here for more details.

Hi, is there a difference between qualifications under the The Chartered Governance Institute and the MAICSA (Malaysia). Thank you

Yes, this is our qualification and will have differences to the Malaysian equivalent. When you qualify and become a member, you are able to transfer between Divisions.

In the NHS governance module How are you reflecting the differences between how the NHS works in wales compared to England, e.g. no CCG’s in wales

It is based on the NHS in England with reference to the differences within the UK.

What is the cost involved roughly? Both self study and with tuition partners?

For full list of fees see here. We always advise it can cost around the 2,000 pound mark, however with tuition it will be considerably more.

What is the other exam one can take together with Corporate Governance on the fast track route please? I did not hear her.

Risk management

Do you have an active branch in Ghana?

Yes we have a branch in Ghana - please contact George Coleman FCG email: for more information.

Do you have a branch in Zambia?

Yes we have a branch in Zambia - please contact Charles Mjumphi FCG email: for more information.

Can you suggest any WhatsApp group?

We do not run a WhatsApp Group but you could join the Institute's Students LinkedIn Group

Is there an active branch in Trinidad and Tobago?

Yes - please contact Wayne Wood FCG email: for more information.

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