Maximising success and avoiding risks in workplace investigations

To investigate or not to investigate? That is the question.


To investigate or not to investigate? That is the question.

Thorough and expertly conducted whistleblowing investigations are a crucial aspect of corporate governance, but knowing when to instigate an investigation is not always as easy as it sounds. A single miss-step might have profound consequences for both employer and employees in terms of tribunals, fines, reputational damage and even civil or criminal prosecution.

In this webinar our panel of experienced workplace investigation experts and governance professionals discuss how to correctly identify, filter and initiate workplace investigations to maximise success.


  • Demystify the complexities of the initial report assessment and triage process
  • Correctly identify, filter and categorise reports to focus on those requiring investigation, and providing guidance on handling those that don’t.
  • Best practice advice on how to initiate and manage investigations
  • Maximising the chance of investigations being brought to a successful resolution.
  • Real but anonymised case studies where you will decide whether or not to proceed, and what the potential results might be from the decisions you take, based on what actually happened
  • A roadmap for assessing, filtering and initiating investigations into potential wrongdoing.


Tim Smith, Operations Director, Safecall

Tim joined Safecall in 2015, with more than thirty years’ experience in the UK Police. Tim works with clients to help manage their investigations as well as overseeing the work of our independent consultant investigators.

Dennis Shotton, Investigations and Interviewing Training Manager, Safecall

Safecall investigator and lecturer with expertise in workplace investigation, training, coaching, and mentoring. 31 years’ experience gained within UK Northumbria Police. Adept at student centred facilitation and delivery. Proven record in designing, developing, and delivering nationally accredited training programmes.


Safecall offer outsourced whistleblowing hotlines, training and independent workplace investigations.

For more than 20 years we have provided a specialist and independent service that protects business and keeps employees safe, serving businesses in the UK, the EU, Europe and over 150 countries around the globe, in more than 170 different languages.


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