Special Considerations

Changing your exam booking:

The Institute offers a postponement service for students with a medical or close bereavement. You will be required to provide some kind of documentation (e.g. medical note or notice of bereavement). Kindly note there is a postponement fee of which can be paid later on. Your exam will be moved to the next available session.

Alternatively, you can withdraw from the exam. The exam fee will not be returned, so you will have to pay a re-sit fee in the next session. The exam will not count as an attempt against your student record.

Please contact examinations@cgi.org.uk for more information.

Reasonable Adjustments:

The process by which you submit a request for adjustments on the basis of medical or long-term conditions is set out in the Reasonable Adjustments and Extenuating Circumstances Policy. If you read the guidance there and think we should consider making adjustments for you in your exam, please contact the learning and assessments team at examinations@cgi.org.uk

Extenuating Circumstances:

Incidents can occur during the examination which have the potential to affect candidates’ performance, such as excessive external noise or other unforeseen events like evacuation of the building in the event of fire. When we consider whether such events had the potential to affect candidates’ performance, we need to exercise judgement as to what is and is not an acceptable condition for exams. 

The examination board which reviews and finalises the marks awarded is able, in certain circumstances, to make mark adjustments which would usually only have a significant impact on those students close to the pass threshold.


If you are not satisfied with the way in which an extenuating circumstance has been dealt with, you are able to use the appeal process to let us know, provided this is submitted within the time-frames set out for the examination session. 

Please note that you cannot appeal on the sole basis that you do not agree with the judgement made on your exam script.

Exam Results Appeals Policy and Process

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