The Chartered Governance Institute has a special arrangement with the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) where members of the ICSI can study the Chartered Governance Qualifying Programme and be exempt from certain modules. If you are a current Associate or Fellow of ICSI with a minimum of two years’ relevant experience/training, you may be exempt from up to four modules from the full Qualifying Programme. You would only be required to complete: Company Law, Corporate Governance and Risk Management.

What is the registration process?

To register as a student, with The Chartered Governance Institute, under the MOU scheme, you are required to complete the online endorsement procedure. Please follow the link for further information. The ICSI will then put forward your registration and on receipt we will contact you for payment and provide further guidance on how you can access your online student portal MyCG and enter for your examinations. 

What modules will I need to complete from the Qualifying Programme?

If you meet the criteria, you will be required to complete the following three non-exempted modules under the Chartered Governance Qualifying Programme (CGQP):

  • Corporate Governance
  • Company Law
  • Risk Management

What is the cost of completing the programme?

The membership year is fixed and runs from 1st August to 31st July. To register with the Institute, you are required to pay the following fees:

One off registration fee


Annual Subscription fee until 31st July  (if you join between 1st August – 31st January)


Or half-year subscription fee until 31st July (if you join between 1st February and 1st July)


Exemption fee (4 x modules @£163.00 each)





£872.00                                 £802.00

Exam fees are additional to the above costs:

Corporate Governance £163.00
Company Law £163.00
Risk Management £163.00

Can I pay for the Programme in instalments?

To complete the registration, the Institute requires an initial payment to be made of £872.00. If you join after 1st February this is reduced to £802.00.  These fees cover the initial registration fee, the annual subscription fee (for membership up until the 31st July of the current membership year) and all exemption fees.

Once you are ready to enter for an examination, you will be required to pay the examination entry fees(s). 

Will you be providing study texts as part of the fees? 

No, the study texts for each module of the Qualifying Programme can be purchased from our website.  

‎Where can I find past papers?

Once you have completed your registration by paying the fees due, you will have access to MyCG which is our online student portal which contains study resources such as past exam papers.  You can login here or register.

Can I study with a tuition provider? 

You can register for tuition with one of our registered tuition providers. There are study and payment options to suit your situation and budget, including distance learning, face-to-face classes and blended learning. These are third party providers which charge their own fees, a list of these providers can be found here

‎How many hours of study is this qualification?

The Qualifying Programme up to 200 hours of study per module.

Can I take all three examinations at one time? 

You can sit for a maximum of two exams per examination session, as explained in the Student Rules and Regulations. You must complete your Part one modules first before you are able to proceed to the Part two module. You must therefore complete the Company Law and Corporate Governance exams before you undertake the Risk management examination.

Where is the Examination centre located?

From November 2020 all our examinations will be conducted online. Details will be sent to all registered students and information will be available in your online portal MyCG. 

Are there any job opportunities in the UK?

Please take a look at  our Jobs Board which provides you with information about various  job opportunities in the UK governance sector. We are not able to give career advice.           

Can the Institute help me with my visa application? 

The Chartered Governance Institute is a qualifying and membership body for governance professionals. We therefore are unable to give advice, deal or support visa applications, including authorizing working visas.

What happens once I have successfully completed all three modules? 

Your student membership will be upgraded to either Associate or Fellow, depending in your grade of membership with ICSI. A member of the team will be in touch with you to progress your upgrade. 

What designations can I use once I complete my qualification? 

If you upgrade to Associate you can use the post nominals ACG; Fellows can use FCG. Both are chartered grades of membership so you will also be entitled to use the designations Chartered Secretary and/or Chartered Governance Professional.

What are the benefits associated with chartered membership? 

There are many benefits of membership including professional recognition, illustrated through the post nominals and chartered designations. In addition, our members have access to a range of professional development opportunities, technical support and guidance and networking activities to ensure that skills and competencies are maintained to ensure our members stay at the forefront of a dynamic and growing profession.

Last reviewed 5th June 2020

Correct at time of publishing

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