Bespoke training

Bespoke training

Helping organisations set their standard for governance by supporting the professional development of individuals, teams and boards.


Offering professional development opportunities to your team and board not only allows your organisation to operate in the most effective and efficient manner; it also fosters loyalty and confidence in your colleagues, driving them to overcome challenges and achieve individual and company-wide goals.

Our bespoke training supports:

  • New Board Members and trustees
  • Those creating training programmes for governance professionals and teams
  • Lawyers and accountants supporting businesses of all sizes
  • And many more

Bespoke in-house training is a great way to offer quality sessions that are tailored to your organisation, by teaching practical knowledge and skills and applying them to real life situations. Whether you are looking to train new colleagues or top up the skillsets of your established employees, offering bespoke in-house training is an opportunity to bring the whole team together, set the same expectations across the organisation and reinforce company specific procedures.

Why work with us?

The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland has a history of training and developing company secretaries and governance professionals from all over the globe. Our network of trainers are top of their class because they have a unique mix of technical knowledge and personal experiences, from across every sector and jurisdiction.

Because we engage closely with our clients, we are able to pair them up with the right trainer for their needs and develop training solutions that result in long-lasting, positive change to the way an organisation works. Governance isn't just a corporate issue, so we are proud to be able to support governance professionals from across all sectors, including Charity and Health Services. Our bespoke in-house training supports teams and boards of every size and is conveniently offered in-person or virtually.

We have a strong track record of helping boards of directors and their support staff - from all the sectors - to brush up their skills, address issues of board behaviour and look at the dynamics needed to deliver and implement effective governance.

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