Accredited Employer Scheme

Attract and Retain the Best Talent with Employer Accreditation

The CGIUKI Accredited Employer Scheme recognises and rewards employers’ commitment to the highest standards of staff training and development for governance professionals.  This will not only help to drive your business forward but also ensure your employees, who are CGIUKI members, students, and affiliates, have the right skill sets, ethics and competencies to fulfill their role to the highest standard.

Why become accredited?

  • Being a CGIUKI Accredited Employer will help you to recruit and retain the best people in the industry. You will be able to use the CGIUKI Accredited Employer logo on your website and email footers in recognition of your commitment to your staff training.  You will be added to our directory of Accredited Employers on our website alongside other accredited employers
  • You will be given access to CGIUKI’s Employers Hub which will host a range of relevant information for supporting our students, your employees.
  • You will receive a 15% discount when advertising your vacancies on, and discounts for employees attending CGIUKI conferences and training.
  • You will gain a single access to our digital G+C magazine.
  • There may be potential opportunities for you to contribute to our magazine, website and/or branch events, in terms of providing blogs, case studies and speaker opportunities.
  • We will provide you with a dedicated account manager.

Who is the Accredited Employer scheme for?

Organisations of any size or any sector, who are clients of CGIUKI, can be accepted onto the programme.

Apply for free now

Click here to find out how to apply. Accreditation will be for a three-year period after which employers will be required to reapply.

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