Apply to join the CGIUKI Accredited Employer Scheme

The Accredited Employer Scheme is free to apply for.

Criteria for employer accreditation

To achieve accreditation you need to meet and be able to evidence the criteria listed below:

1. Learning & development policy

In this section we want you to tell us and evidence how you are supporting your employees to undertake our qualifications.

  • who is eligible to study CGIUKI qualifications
  • the process in place to apply internally to study CGIUKI qualifications
  • the support available in terms of financial, time off for study and exams, any other resources available
  • any time limit placed on completing the exams
  • what happens if student withdraws or fails exam
  • are there are any claw back arrangements if employee leaves the company during or shortly after completing study
  • are there any progression/incentives given upon completion of CGIUKI exams including support to become an Associate.

2. Support for employee through the study process

This section asks you to go into more detail on how you are supporting your employees through the study process.

  • support through the process of completing their CGIUKI student application
  • mentor or senior member of staff to help with student’s learning and monitor their progress through the qualification
  • students have access to CGIUKI online support materials
  • students are given, where practical, the opportunity to ‘practice’ their learning within the work environment

3. Financial and study time support

In this section we’re looking for you to let us know how you support your employees both financially and with study time support.

  • a minimum of 75% of study related costs are paid for by the employer
  • paid time off to sit the examinations
  • paid time off for study leave or to attend tuition classes
  • at least one extra study leave day per paper funded in addition to attending tuition classes
  • funding to attend CGIUKI events where the subject matter is relevant to the role
  • annual membership fees to be paid by employer

4. Additional learning resources and network

In this section we are looking to see how you make additional learning resources available to your employees.

  • intranet access to up-to-date articles
  • able to study in the workplace outside of normal working hours
  • access to CGIUKI’s suggested wider reading
  • access to online research database
  • actively encourage your employees who are CGIUKI members, students and affiliates to attend CGIUKI branch events and other relevant external events, supported bytime off work and funding to attend
  • opportunities to learn and network within and outside the organisation
  • attending client meetings
  • peer networking and support groups
  • use of social media to build contacts, gain new information and share knowledge
  • strong culture of openness and accessibility

5. Evidence of professional and staff development including

This section relates to how your support your employees with their professional development.

  • annual review process to plan career development with regular progress reviews
  • regular one-to-one meetings to demonstrate how progress against objectives is reviewed
  • personal development plan in place
  • opportunities exist for those studying to progress up and/or across the whole business
  • clear and measurable objectives are set as part of the performance review process
  • the individual clearly understands the overall objectives of the business and how their personal objectives contribute to the organisation’s success
  • access to CGIUKI Competency Framework to monitor progress on proficiency levels

6. CPD Provision for qualified members of CGIUKI

Use this section to explain how you support your employees once they are qualified and provide examples.

  • Members are supported in identifying and developing appropriate activities to meet their CPD requirements as member (at least 20 hours of CPD activities in each 12 month period)

How to apply

Applying for the CGIUKI Accredited Employer scheme is free. To apply, download and complete the application form and submit it to for assessment. Here is some further guidance to help you complete the application form. You will need to provide evidence of how you meet these criteria including attaching your training and development or other relevant policies.

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